I Wrote a Thesis About Voice Games

In late 2019, I spent two and a half months interning at Doppio Games in Portugal. For a brief introduction, Doppio Games is a Lisbon-based startup game studio that makes voice games that can be played on virtual assistants. Doppio’s previous work include The Vortex (2018) and The 3% Challenge (2019), the latter on which I also worked on during my internship. After the internship, I was commissioned to write a thesis about voice games. Despite studying video games full-time, I did not know much about this new frontier of voice-guided games, and since I saw the thesis as a good learning opportunity, I said yes.

I began writing in late February, just after returning to Finland after two and a half months in the Philippines. Unfortunately, my return coincided with the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. To comply with social distancing, I stayed inside while having many distractions but no excuses on not focusing on writing. In the end, it took me around four to five weeks of full-time writing to finish the thesis, though the writing project itself was spread on a period of around eight weeks. I finally returned the thesis at the end of April. The thesis is publicly available for free, and is available on the Theseus platform.

So remind me again, what was the thesis about? Sure, it’s about voice games – games that you can interact with by using your own voice. Some games do this by using speech recognition, so the game appears to understand what you are saying. In case you are curious about what kinds of games actually have these kinds of voice interaction features, I included in the final pages a table of 114 games that I covered in the thesis. There are actually I couple I would like to try myself, including Seaman and Alien: Isolation. Anyways, my studies are now almost wrapped up, and I can expect graduating later this month!