Thoughts on Northern Game Summit 2017

Northern Game Summit, or NGS for short, is an annual Game Development conference in Kajaani, Northern Finland. The two-day event has been organized since 2012 by the students of Kajaani University of Applied Sciences. KAMK also offers it’s students a change to study Game Development in modern facilities. This year’s event was held on 5.-6. October in the Bio Rex movie theater on the town’s main street. The event’s official site can be found here for more information.

The two-day event consisted of concurrent speeches that were delivered in three halls and divided by the subject categories, which in this year were about Design, Tech, Business, Art, Production and Audio. The biggest guest name was of course the former id Software co-founder John Romero. There were also guests from well-established Finnish game companies, including designer Eeva Korhonen from Remedy Entertainment and producer Sami Hakala from Housemarque.

Patric Rose from Bandai Namco gave also an interesting speech about the subject of fun in video games, which reminded me about Gamespot’s Reboot series’ recent video about the same subject. All in all the event was suitably compact and well organized, especially by dividing the concurrent speeches into subject categories for each listener to choose from. The event’s popularity goes hand-in-hand with Kajaani’s growing reputation as an important Game Development hub in the North.