Organizing the Nordic eSports Academy 2018

Nordic eSports Academy 2018

Nordic eSports Academy, or NeSA for short, is an annual eSports themed summer school and a CS:GO video game tournament in Kajaani, Northern Finland. NeSA is organized by the students of Kajaani University of Applied Sciences (KUAS). NeSA was first organized in the summer of 2017 at Vuokatti. The overall positive experience resulted in a recurring event this year at KUAS campus. The future eSports students of KUAS will take charge of NeSA and use it as a learning environment.

The four week summer school consists of lectures on topics such as nutrition, mindset and physical exercise, player testing such as heart rate monitoring and eye–hand coordination measurement, professional couching – and a lot more. Nordic eSports Academy has seen students coming from Finland and abroad. The summer school is culminated in a three day video game tournament in CS:GO, a first-person shooter video game, with a prize pot of 10 000 EUR divided among the winners.


The pictures can now be found on my Instagram profile.

My role in NeSA18

My role as the Marketing manager for NeSA18 started in October 2017. Having played single-player games for all my life, eSports as a concept was a relatively new concept to me. However, as a Gamedev student at KUAS, a potential future focal point of the Finnish eSports scene, I saw this as a great learning opportunity. The relatively small team consisted of students from different field of studies. The daily communication language was English, as we had an exchange student from Croatia.

I started my work with taking charge of the official social media channels (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) and keeping them up-to-date with relevant content. I also did some video editing for Youtube from the footage of the previous year’s event. As the registration period started in February, I wrote several press releases and was in contact with relevant medias. During the event in June and the beginning of July, I worked as the photographer and oversaw announcing the results on social media.

Lessons learned

For NeSA18, we received overall positive feedback regarding the event’s organization. In marketing, which was my responsibility, I think that there were both successes and failures. We managed to raise interest for the event in the Finnish eSports circles, which was obvious from the number of online followers for the streams and the hype in social media. However, we failed to raise enough interest locally in Kajaani, which was evident in the smallish size of the live audience.

Personally, Nordic eSports Academy proved to be a tremendous learning experience in eSports, social media and event marketing, project work and teamwork. Also, the experience I gained during the nine-month assignment helped me to secure an internship position abroad in Hong Kong! For me, NeSA has proven the importance of participating in new projects, even if they might not directly concern your own studies. You might learn something new, and more importantly, meet new people!