Highway 2 Code

Back in May, I graduated from the Kajaani UAS with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. My education and hard work during the studies helped me to land a good job after graduation, despite these difficult times. I now work as the Quality Assurance Manager at NetBaron Solutions, a Finnish B2B software company. Work is good, and I like where my career is going. Despite this, however, I want to stay hungry, and I want to keep on learning.

On the day of my graduation, I received the information that I had been accepted to the Highway 2 Code program. H2C is a six months continuing education program organised by many Finnish UASs, including the Kajaani UAS. Subjects covered during the module include Linux OS, C-programming, DevOps Basic, Embedded Python Programming, databases and data sources in IoT system, Full Stack Web Development with Vue.js and Node.js, and an IoT project.

My BBA studies revolved around project management in software development, and my current job continues on the same trajectory. While I do have a basic understanding of a few of the technical subjects mentioned above, most are very much new to me. I do not want to become a programmer, but I do want to have a wide understanding of all the various areas of software development. This was my motivation for enrolling in the H2C program.

Hopefully, in half a year or so, I will be writing my thoughts on the program, and also my next plans. In the meanwhile, it’s back working and studying.