Teemu is a Finnish globetrotter who works in software development. This blog is Teemu’s creative outlet and covers traveling, productivity, personal development, and more.

“Know thyself.” An introspective writer, Teemu often delves deep into his thoughts and experiences to learn more about himself and to grow as a person. Coupled with a deep interest in productivity, the result is strong driver for personal development.

I have a BBA in game production. During my studies, I spent time Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, Portugal, and the Philippines. I have previous work experience in quality assurance, and right now, I’m working as a Scrum Master in a Finnish software house.

More in-depth posts that shed light on who Teemu is and where he’s coming from include Studying Game Development at the Kajaani UAS, 100 Video Games Later, and Thoughts on Turning 30. And there’s more stuff to read starting from 2017.