I have a BBA in game production, which is essentially project management in software development. During my game development studies at the Kajaani UAS, I was involved in the production of several types of games, including PC, mobile, VR, AR, and voice games.

I have work experience in project management, software testing, digital marketing and social media, web design, and more recently, in quality assurance. Currently, I’m working as the Quality Assurance Manager in a Finnish B2B software company.

I’m a globetrotter who has lived abroad in Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, Portugal, and the Philippines. I enjoy reading, and I also listen to audio books and podcasts to learn new and to stay up-to-date. I’m always looking into new ways to improve my personal productivity, which is also a theme for this blog.

My wife, Rowena, who is from the Philippines, has a background in IT and also does graphic design. I’m her biggest fan, and you can also check out her designs here.